#WCW Virgo Babies

#WCW Virgo Babies

favorite female virgos

We are in the midst of Virgo Season (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22), which I'm biased to say is my favorite since I am one. So I find it appropriate to dedicate this #WCW to some of my favorite female Virgos. This is not an extensive list of every female celebrity Virgo, but more or less some of my favs in order of their birthdays.


Blake Lively (8/25)
Style icon, actress, advocate, and Ryan Reynolds as a hubby? What's not to love about the OG Gossip Girl and self professed baker


Cameron Diaz (8/30)
While her acting days have slowed down, Diaz's surfer past has paved the way to a bigger role surrounding a healthy lifestyle


Padma Lakshmi (9/1)
Starting as a model and cookbook author for exotic recipes, Padma made her way into our hearts as the host and judge on Top Chef and through her philanthropic work


Zendaya (9/1)
The outspoken and incredibly articulate 20-something is an actress with a social conscience who's short time in the industry shows that she's one to last


Salma Hayek (9/2)
Besides overcoming numerous obstacles in her impressive acting career, Hayek uses her voice and platform to support women from all walks of life


Beyoncé (9/4)
Another feminist maven, Queen B is a creative that has used her success to bring young, black talent to the forefront and create opportunities where few are available


Taraji P. Henson (9/11)
One can't think of the phrase "powerful female lead" without Taraji's name being included, when it comes to both TV and movies


Emmy Rossum (9/12)
From actress to director to singer, Emmy has used her role on Shameless to shed a brighter light on poverty in the US and further use her platform to support a greener earth and animal rights


Lisa Vanderpump (9/15)
While most know her from the Real Housewives franchise, Vanderpump really shines when it comes to her advocacy for the LGBTQ and spreading awareness about the Yulin dog festival, which her dog adoption center further combats


Nicole Richie (9/21)
Far removed from just being Paris Hilton's BFF on The Simple Life, Richie has become a successful fashion designer and environmental advocate


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